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Following several months of low back pain that was affecting my ability to participate in my beloved boot camp classes, which in turn was affecting my mood and my motivation I decided it was time do something to strengthen myself in the hope of easing this terrible back pain. Enter the absolutely fabulous, knowledgeable & fun Vicky

The first session was free, where Vicky put me through my paces...it was hard, it showed me where I was weak (but this served as a huge motivation for me) and it was fun. I was sold. I signed up there and then and have never looked back. I quickly noticed a change in myself and now I am stronger,

have better posture, and importantly my back pain is under control (paracetamol is no longer a regular item on my weekly shopping list). Other important changes I have noticed are that I am so much happier and my energy levels are up and off course I am thinner.

I have absolutely loved working with Vicky she makes exercise such fun whilst pushing and motivating you to reach your goals. So to anyone reading this... if you have a fitness goal and you are ready & willing to put in the hard work then Vicky is the PT to guide you to achieve that goal. She is FAB.

Thanks so much for everything Vicky x