It's easy for you, you're a Personal Trainer...

before after xmas.jpg

People always say to me “it’s easy for you, you're a personal trainer”. Wrong, over the last two weeks I’ve eaten way too much and got to the point of not wanting to train as I’m too tired and feel sluggish.

In that two weeks, I’ve put on 2kg in weight, my visceral fat has gone from 3 to 4 and my body fat percentage has gone up by 1.8%.

This morning I found it really hard to motivate myself to go for a run and I love training, so I understand how people get into bad habits and don’t want to train, especially when you see it as a chore.

I did go for a run and did 6 miles! Really enjoyed it once I was out and I already feel much better. 

Training and eating will give you so much more energy in general and overall will make you feel so much better which means you will feel happier.

I’m not saying go and run 6 miles, but find something active you enjoy, then you won’t see it as a chore.

The results will follow...

In 2 weeks you’ll feel it!
In 4 weeks you’ll see it!
In 8 weeks you’ll hear it! 

Now go and smash it 👍🏼

Garry Kerr